717 S. State St., Champaign, IL (FOR SALE)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

715 State St. - No longer available for Fall 2016

For the many folks that made housing inquires either from visiting our website (www.illiniproperty.com), or Facebook (Illini Property),  Zillow,  Trulia,  Hotpads, and even Craigslist thank you it was very much appreciated.

Our property at 715 State St. has been leased for the upcoming fall 2016 through summer 2017 year. For those out searching for housing, please be careful when responding to Craigslist ads. Whatever you do make certain that you meet the owner/manager of the property you are inquiring on and never blindly send money with the idea that it will be used to hold or secure the property you are inquiring on. Those are simply scams and they often entice the prospective tenant with cut rate rents. There are so many ads on Craigslist that are fake. We unfortunately had images stolen directly from our listings and then reproduced in new fake ads by unknown scammers/con artists.

Good luck to all those searching for housing. For those still searching for housing please take a moment to like our Facebook page "Illini Property". When our homes become available for rent we usually post on our Facebook page first. If you like our page hopefully you will be the first to know when one of our units become available.


Illini Property

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